Water Sedimentation Plant

Waste Water or Slurry from the Gang Saw is coming to slurry Tank, where a submerged Motor Driven Pump controlled by a limit level guard, automatically, conveys the Slurry through feed pipe to Conical Tank On its way to the conical tank (Decanter), the slurry is treated with flocculent, which is dissolved in the tank of flocculent system by means of electric mixing device and drained into a lower tank where a dozing pump injects the flocculents into the feed pipe of conical tank.

The Flocculent acts on the solid particles contained in the slurry causing them to stick together. The Solid particles settle down at the bottom of the conical tank, and fresh water from the top of the tank overflows to fresh water tank. The fresh water is recycled to the Gang Saw through pump unit.

The Settled particles from the bottom of the tank are fed to Slurry pump mixer tank. From mixer tank slurry is feeded through pump to filter press. During filter process the cake is formed which is disposed at prescribed site to maintain pollution free environment. The water recovered so, is fed to slurry tank.

Technical Specification

Conical Tank