Resin Line

Friends, in collaboration with Intermek, Greece, has developed a world-class Resin Line with European technical know-how and expertise so as to provide a cost effective yet high quality slab processing solution to the customers.

With Resin Lines ranging from 20 to 120 slabs in tower ovens, we provide optimum solution for all levels of production capacities from 10-30 slabs/hour.

The loading and unloading of the slabs can either be done manually with the help of an inclinable conveyor chain and arm crane or automatically with the help of either a Tilting ROBOT or a Multi-Axis Robot with Open Book-Match.

The tower oven is heated using high capacity blowers and is concealed from all sides minimizing heat loss resulting in low running and electricity costs. The elevator moves on four pillars ensuring superior rigidity, minimum vibrations and high-speed movement.

The conveyor system uses chains on both sides to ensure smooth movement of the trays. The vacuum chamber has a robust construction equipped with two vacuum pumps capable of maintaining absolute vacuum inside the chamber, which helps in treating physical effects like cracks, holes, surface effects or even joining of two broken pieces effectively.