Multi Blade Gangsaw Machine

Friends Engineering Works is the leading manufacturer of Multi-Blade Gangsaw Machine. We have been successful in manufacturing more than 1000 Gangsaw machines in 3 decades. The design of this particular machine is a result of years of enterprise and research, to find a solution for higher production, cutting and sawing at reduced cost. The Machine is capable of sawing marble and granite blocks of sizes up to 3.2m x 2.1m x 2.1m

Articulated Rectilinear Arms

The main technical design, behind its high performance is the Four Articulated Rectilinear Arms, which support the Blade Rack Frame. These Arms are friction free during operation, unlike traditional slideways. Thus, resulting in a considerable reduction of maintenance cost and elimination of recurring lubricant cost. The enclosed cover, not only provides protection from dirt, dust, water and rust but also facilitates the operator to have a look on moving parts for any preventive maintenance, as well as greasing, while the machine is running.

Battery Unit

The power and source of movement to the Blade Rack Frame is provided by the Battery Unit, which consists of heavy duty ultra-sonic tested shaft. This shaft is mounted with a flywheel in the centre and two roller bearings on either sides. The Eccentrics are mounted on either ends of the main shaft, which in turn is connected to the Connecting Rods.

Technical Specification